Virtual Online Teaching in Transport Law

  • Dr Michael Spisto Victoria University
  • Dr Christine Lee Federation University


The virtual classroom is a new and modern structure in university teaching around the world. It can provide tuition to students in advantageous ways. The virtual classroom, with its numerous functionalities, provides a level of student class participation that is unprecedented in face-to-face classes It is also appeals to students, as it saves them time and money with public transport and/or parking. A much-improved classroom attendance record as compared to face-to-face classes has also been noticed. The students’ levels of understanding of the subject matter has also been noticeably improved by mechanisms available in virtual classroom teaching. As technology improves, the virtual classroom is likely to increasingly popular for convenience, flexibility and study efficacy. This paper explores the use of virtual classrooms in law education.

How to Cite
SpistoM. and LeeC. (2018) “Virtual Online Teaching in Transport Law”, Victoria University Law and Justice Journal. Melbourne, Australia, 8(1), pp. 33–44. doi: 10.15209/vulj.v8i1.1041.