• Vol 10 No 1 (2021)

    A NOTE ON VOL 10(1).

    The Victoria University Law and Justice Journal ('VULJ') Editorial Team is busy preparing the the forthcoming volume. We very much look forward to presenting the 10th Anniversary issue to you shortly. In the interim, a summary of the articles to be featured in Vol. 10(1) is shown below.

    While you are here, why not make the most of your visit and take a look at our comprehensive archive. It contains all of the judicial interviews, transcripts of the Michael Kirby Justice Orations and, of course, the diverse range of contemporary legal articles published in VULJ and DICTUM over the past decade.

    His Honour Judge John Cain | Aayushi Patel, Malaika Nambiar, Falak Sakak and Farriz Roslan

    Kirby Oration
    Bringing Rights Home | Rosalind Croucher

    Australia’s Access to Her Queen’s Correspondence | Steven Stern
    A Tale of Two Forms of Protest | Michael Stanton, Julia Kretzenbacher and Martin Radzaj
    Use Now, Regulate Later? | Jacob Rizk
    Strategic and Human Rights Litigation | Peter Cashman
    Analysis of the Cultural Homeward Trend in International Sales Law | Bruno Zeller

    Book Review
    Governance and Law: Contemporary Views | Neil Andrews