Victoria’s Parliament and Constitution – The Bracks/Brumby Legacy

  • Greg Taylor


This is a review of the legacy of Victoria’s Bracks/Brumby government, which held office from 1999 to 2010, in regards to public law – a review directed beyond the usual legal audience. For the Bracks/Brumby legacy is important and will endure, partly because it has entrenched (protected from amendment) a great deal of it. Its reforms to the Legislative Council are generally positive, and strike a good balance between making the upper house a serious partner in legislating and preventing obstruction, but the quota for election should perhaps have been lower. However, the government was less enthusiastic about complying with the lawful demands for government documents made by the upper house it had itself created.
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Taylor, G. (1). Victoria’s Parliament and Constitution – The Bracks/Brumby Legacy. Victoria University Law and Justice Journal, 6(1), 36-46.