Lawyer Professionalism in the 21st century


The environment within which legal services are supplied has witnessed change through the passage of time, but more so, it seems, in recent times. This has in turn squarely raised the question as to whether a corresponding shift has ensued in what may be described as ‘lawyer professionalism’'. If the professional landscape changes, it may be surmised, perhaps the notion of what is means to be a legal professional has likewise changed. The object of this article is to catalogue what has traditionally formed the accepted understanding of (lawyer) professionalism, as a springboard for inquiry into whether indeed the parameters of lawyer professionalism have indeed shifted.

Author Biography

Professor Gino E Dal Pont, University of Tasmania

Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Tasmania. General Editor, Halsbury's Laws of Australia, Author of 16 books (including NSW Solicitors Manual), ethics columnist, Fellow of the Australian Academy of Law, Fellow of the College of Law


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Dal Pont, G. E. (2019) “Lawyer Professionalism in the 21st century”, Victoria University Law and Justice Journal. Melbourne, Australia, 8(1). doi: 10.15209/vulj.v8i1.1132.