Sentencing and Other Controversial Issues

Why We Need Rational Debate More Than Ever

  • Ian Gray


The article seeks to demonstrate the importance of rational debate in the community on controversial issues. It focuses on the need for rationalism to prevail in community debates on controversial issues. Issues inclusive of sentencing, climate change, mental health and its prevalence in the prison system and ‘whether courts are out of touch’ with the community. The article recognises the difficulties faced by those engaged in community issues and concludes by promoting the need to maintain a tolerant and harmonious society by engaging in well informed rational debate.

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Gray, I. (2012) “Sentencing and Other Controversial Issues: Why We Need Rational Debate More Than Ever”, Victoria University Law and Justice Journal. Melbourne, Australia, 2(1), pp. 7-17. doi: 10.15209/vulj.v2i1.9.
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